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As a non-profit arts organization, we need your partnership today to support theater artists and to lead the artistic conversation in our community. Give a gift today because it matters now more than ever.

Gifts of any size make a difference, so choose your donation amount below, or consider making an add-on contribution or rounding up your order when you purchase tickets. Your generous gift to CLATA makes a big difference for many Latino theater companies throughout Chicagoland.

$10,000 builds the set and secure props for one production

$7,000 secures legal fees and services (eg. copyrights, contracts, etc.)

$5,000 covers artist stipends and flights

$2,000 secures visiting artist visas

$1,000 supports publicity costs (advertisements and promo material)

$500 covers daily operating costs, playbills and lights

$100 helps pay for printing copies of the cast scripts

It may well be the difference between staging a successful production, both as a work of art and at the box office. Consider donating! Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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