Midwest Premiere

Pequeños territorios en Reconstruccion

Pequeños territorios en Reconstrucción is a research project about the so called “City of Women” located in Turbaco, Colombia, where, fifteen years ago, a group of women displaced by the armed conflict in the country, created the “League of Displaced Women” and built ninety-eight houses with their own hands. After a short stay in this place, TLS (Teatro Linea de Sombra) asked themselves a number of questions regarding the community. The stage production we currently perform can be understood as a documentary fable posing a series of ethical questions on the possible destiny of this suburban settlement, of the women who built it and especially of the children who inhabit it. In order to undertake this theatrical task the two women on stage work with a concrete masonry unit, the image of a hippopotamus and a packet of unaddressed letters, in order to discuss matters such as forced displacement, violence and fear of the future.

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9/21/2022 - 9/25/2022

Written by:

Teatro Linea de Sombra

Directed by:

Jorge A. Vargas


Alicia Laguna

Abril Pineda


Shanttal Saad

Narrator: TBD

Running: 60min

Performed in Spanish with an English narrator.

Genre: Docu-Drama

Dates: Opening Wednesday September 21 7:30pm.

Thursday 09/22 at 7:30pm,

Friday 09/23 at 8pm,

Saturday 09/24 at 2pm & 8pm

Sunday 09/25 at 2pm.

Location: Goodman Theatre - 170 N. Dearborn St. Chicago. IL. 60601

Ticket Price: Starting at $10

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